“In order to get the proper perspective and setting of Dr. Still’s ideas we believe it will fully repay the student to note the essential features of the thoughts of...the Greeks, of Descartes, Copernicus and Galileo, of Hobbes, Locke and Hume, of Kant and Goethe, of Fichte and Hegel, of Darwin, Spencer and Huxley…” - Carl P. McConnell, DO. The Teachings of Dr. Still.
Day 1: From Socrates to Isaac Newton

The history of Philosophy and Science from the Early Greeks, the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the Scientific Revolution.

Day 2: The European and American Philosophies; Theories of Evolution

An encounter with the British Empiricists, the German Idealists and Romaticists, the Evolutionists and the American Pragmatists.

Day 3: Osteopathy, Neurosciences , Modern Philosophy and Science

The philosophy of Dr A.T. Still, the history of Neuroscience and of Hermeneutical and Phenomenological thinking.

Day 4: Morphology and Metamorphosis in Theory and Practice

The morphology and metamorphosis of Goethe and their application in Osteopathic practice.